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Whirlybirds - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Title: Whirlybirds - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: Whirlybirds TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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Whirlybirds (sometimes called "The Whirlybirds" and "Copter Patrol" in syndication) was a U.S. television show that aired from 1957 to 1960 with a total of 111 episodes. The show was about Chuck Martin and P.T. Moore (Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill), owners of a fictitious helicopter company, Whirlybird Service, in the west who sold their services out of Longwood Field to various clients. The first four episodes were titled The Whirlybirds, with the subsequent 107 shows being titled just Whirlybirds.

Many episodes were filmed at the defunct San Fernando Airport, Calif. USA. Much of the open landscape seen around the airport in the series has been developed since the 1960s.

The rumor that many episodes were lost and only 33 of the original 111 episodes survive today is incorrect. Complete series are offered on DVDs by internet vendors. Also, the National Archives is said to possess a set of original 16mm prints

Many episodes were directed by Harve Foster and Robert Altman. Creators were Art and Jo Napoleon. The show was a Desilu production. The program changed its name to Copter Patrol when it went into syndication.

Kenneth Tobey
Craig Hill
Nancy Hale
Sandra Spence

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