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The Range Rider - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Title: The Range Rider - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: The Range Rider TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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The Range Rider was an American Western TV series, which was first shown from 1951 to 1953. A single lost episode was first shown in 1959. It was also shown on British television in the 1960s.

Jock Mahoney played the title character in 77 B&W 30-minute episodes, along with partner Dick West, played by Dick Jones. The character had no name other than Range Rider and his reputation for fairness, fighting ability and accuracy with his guns was known far and wide, even by Indians. Mahoney towered over Jones giving the idea that Dick West was a kid instead of a normal sized adult. The show was a production of Gene Autry Enterprise, and the theme tune was "Home on the Range" though in later episodes this was played at a fast tempo without the song. The two main characters were the only consistent ones. Five to six names of other actors were given at the end of each episode, but not the parts they played.

Both Mahoney and Jones were very athletic and able horse riders with both of them performing many horse riding stunts in the series. Range Rider's horse was called "Rawhide" (episode 22). They never, ever just mounted their horses like other cowboys but normally at a run and jump. There were a number of fist fights in every show with a few judo moves thrown in. Fights were fairly realistic in that many punches were struck and lots of furniture wrecked before someone falls to the ground and stays there. But not realistic in that both lead characters took many hard punches each show and never showed a mark on their faces unless it was necessary to the plot. Punches were often wide swings rather than short jabs (which would have seriously damaged knuckles and faces).

    Jock Mahoney    ...     The Range Rider / ... (77 episodes, 1951-1953)
    Dickie Jones    ...     Dick West (77 episodes, 1951-1953)

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