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UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Title: UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Comedy
Price: $49.95
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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Unhappily Ever After (often shortened to Unhappily... in promotional advertisements) is an American sitcom that aired for 100 episodes on The WB network from January 11, 1995 to May 23, 1999, for a total of four and a half seasons. "Hit the Road Jack" by Ray Charles was the show's theme song.

The Malloy Family

The show was about Jack Malloy and his dysfunctional family.

    * Jack Malloy (Geoff Pierson): born 1959, A schizophrenic, alcoholic father who works at a wholly unsatisfying job as a used car salesman, his daughter Tiffany is his only real hope in his otherwise depressing life. He converses with a stuffed bunny (Mr. Floppy) that only he can hear. He has very negative and cynical outlook on life.

    * Jennifer "Jennie" Malloy (Stephanie Hodge): born 1959, Jack's shrewish, ill-tempered, sex-crazed wife and a college dropout. She gets along with no one in particular and is prone to jealousy, particularly toward her daughter Tiffany (since she's everything Jennie never was.) She tends to be selfish and hypocritical and acts as if she truly rules the household and apparently can surpass Jack. It should also be noted that Jennie's role in the show from a plot standpoint sometimes remains inconsistent and/or difficult to explain intelligibly. It revealed that she had forced Jack go out with her when they were in high school but afterwards he ended up inpregenating her. She is blonde in the early seasons but later dyes it brunette.

    * Ryan Malloy (Kevin Connolly): born May 1978, The eldest son of Jack and Jennie, Ryan maintains a positive happy-go-lucky attitude despite being unpopular, stupid, and unsupported emotionally by anyone (including his parents.) His inability to attract girls and his parents' overt derision of him are recurring themes throughout the show.

    * Tiffany Malloy (Nikki Cox): born 1979, The "favorite" child of Jack, Tiffany is seemingly perfect: smart, ambitious, popular, attractive, and still a virgin. Despite this, she is not really pure-spirited and is often self-serving. She has a large number of recurring friends and rivals throughout the show.
   * Ross Malloy (Justin Berfield): born 1986, the youngest and arguably the most normal member of the family, despite having only average intellegence, Ross is often the voice of reason, common sense, and enlightenment in an otherwise dysfunctional family. However, it becomes clear from certain episodes that Ross has issues of his own. He is also the child that is most ignored in the family and unlike Ryan and Tiffany, tends to be treated indifferently by Jack and Jennie.

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